Art for Business

The experience I have gathered during many years of directing artistic ensembles and large orchestras, giving lectures at academic and artistic conferences, and numerous concerts on stages all over the world has enabled me to develop a method for passing the knowledge and experience of a conductor, soloist, teacher, faculty dean and a head of academic and research teams.

Artistic workshops for the managerial staff, employees of all levels at small and large companies, corporations and associations are in each case prepared individually, pursuant to an analysis of the customer’s needs and expectations.

The working methods employed by conductors, orchestras, choirs and soloists who give concerts together with various ensembles perfectly reflect the systems of a company functioning in various structural configurations.

An artist needs to master to perfection the artistic workshop and complicated works that require enormous virtuosity. He or she needs to overcome stress and stage fright. An artist needs to focus, and most importantly to establish an absolute contact with the audience. And those are also the most important features that should be displayed by a president, a director, a manager or an employee working individually or as a team member.

For more than 25 years I have been conducting workshops in the Polish and English languages, whose participants can develop abilities to:

  • efficiently present oneself;
  • manage a small or a large team;
  • create the image of oneself and of the team;
  • communicate in a clear and explicit manner;
  • take responsibility for oneself and for the team;
  • use non-verbal communication techniques;
  • immediately make difficult decisions;
  • develop and implement procedures;
  • develop self-confidence and motivate co-workers;

With the use of some of the most interesting tools in the world of music – classic percussion instruments, ethnic instruments from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, experiences of remote cultures and civilizations, and masterpieces by the greatest composers – I conduct workshops which enable practical and actual implementation of important skills, competences and methods of achieving a success.

The workshops are conducted in a creative atmosphere of concentration and relax, work and fun, silence and an extravaganza of sounds, and are an excellent component integrating all the participants of the meetings.

During the classes, each participant receives an instrument enabling him or her to actively participate in the exercise and to create music together with others.

During many years of workshop activity, I have had the pleasure of providing training and working with structures included in: Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ikea, CocaCola, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Mazda, Philips, Philips Lighting, GlaxoSmithKline, PKO, Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas, EFL, Alstom, Henkel, Orlen, KGHM, Energa, Polkomtel, Centertel and many others.