Around the World in 80 days

Around the World in 80 days, I do not know how to describe it, theoretically such an event was not to be a success… Together with Katarzyna Żelazek we created a screenplay based on J. Verne’s masterpieces adapted to the needs of Gdańsk Areopag. My task was to give voice to almost every word spoken by the actors: M. Kalmus, K. Gordon, J. Tyrański, J. Labijak, J. Kiszkis, a linguist – J. Bralczyk and a very famous traveller M. Kamiński. 1300 people played on more than 1500 instruments, we have created everything live, reacting to events and narratives.

Here is a fragment of my introduction to the CD released by the Polish Radio, where the whole event was recorded.

Sound is one of the most beautiful phenomena that accompanies our lives. Do you think I’m exaggerating? NO!

The first sound heard by our wonderful senses is the mama’s heartbeat, for which the heartbeat of the baby, in turn, is the beginning of the greatest love, joy, sense of life and destiny. When we hear this gentle knock, we see in our mind images that another equally beautiful sense – the sight – cannot yet paint. The sound is like dreams, we can create it in imagination, playing the most beautiful symphonies full of colours, tastes, countless aliquots and smells. My world of sounds contains not only melodies, tones, sounds, rhythms, but first of all portraits of people, canyons, mountains’ play, marine abyss, nature films, adventure and fantasy, which I display in thoughts with the each tone I can hear or play.