National Percussion Workshop Gdańsk – Poland

Since 2014 I have been an Artistic Director of the National Percussion Workshop held by the High School of Music in Gdańsk. 

Each edition of the National Percussion Workshop under the auspice of the biggest percussion organization – Percussive Arts Society gathers over 140 participants on workshops and master classes.

The National Percussion Workshop are addressed to whole percussion community starting from very beginners ending on university level teachers. The workshops consist of open lessons, lectures and methodical seminars, which are held separately for teachers – to support them in carrier as mentors and for students – to collect theoretical, practical and artistic knowledge. The classes for students are divided into three categories: for the youngest players/beginners, for intermediate students and advanced students who are preparing themselves for auditions as well as international competitions.

The Highlight of each day is the spectacular evening concerts given by the artists invited for the National Percussion Workshop. The performances of our guests are always accompanied by full audience and leave unforgettable memories. The showroom with a wide spectrum of percussion mallets/sticks, instruments and accessories is always present and makes an additional attraction of percussive event.

Our guests have been, amongst others:

  • Emmanuel Séjourné – France
  • John H. Beck – USA
  • Anders Åstrand – Sweden
  • Julie Davila – USA
  • SR9 Trio – Paul Changarnier, Alexandre Esperet, Nicolas Cousin – France
  • Ruud Wiener – Switzerland
  • Ignacio Ceballos Martin – Spain
  • Julie Hill – USA
  • Jean-Baptiste Leclere – France
  • Lalo Davila – USA
  • Michael Schack – Belgium
  • Pioano Meets Vibes – Nils Rohwer, Jens Schliecker – Germany
  • John Wooton – USA
  • NanaFormosa Percussion Duo – Yu-Ying Chang, Ya-Hsin Cheng – Taiwan
  • Fredrik Engdahl – Denmark
  • Dan Moore – USA
  • Twincussion Percussion Duo – Jen-Ting & Jen-Yu Chien – Taiwan
  • Dmitry Lukiyanov – Russia
  • Massimo Pastore – Italy
  • Máté Jancsovics – Hungary
  • Radosław Szarek – Germany
  • Boris Estrin – Russia
  • Dejan Tamše – Slovenia
  • Francesca i Claudio Santangelo – Italy
  • Walter Mertens – Belgium
  • Luc Goos – Belgium
  • Krzysztof Przybyłowicz – Poland
  • Jan Freicher – Poland
  • Cezary Konrad – Poland
  • Tomasz Łosowski – Poland
  • Adam Tkaczyk – Poland
  • Piotr Jóźwiak – Poland